All of our test engineers have had extensive experience in designing and manufacturing electronic products before joining Protocol EMC. With hundreds of electronic and wireless products successfully certified, you can count on our experience to properly test and certify your products. Our technical staff is comprised of engineers and technicians from a variety of backgrounds and extensive EMC experience.  While technical competence is a must, the defining characteristic of any staff member at Protocol EMC is excellent customer service.

Rob Stirling

Rob Stirling // Director B.A.Sc., P.Eng., MBA.,

Rob has specialized in regulatory compliance in various capacities since 1987, from being an expatriate Engineering Consultant in the far east, to working in Engineering Management and as a Management Consultant to several multinational corporations.  A P.Eng. in BC, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, and the founder of Protocol Datasystems Inc., and Veritas Engineering Limited, his companies have served Canada's manufacturing sector in regulatory project management and testing for safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and product validation for and additional 15 years. As a past member of CSA and ASME code committees (others pending), and with an MBA in Technology Management, he has a broad understanding of the global regulatory landscape, and a respect for the challenges and pitfalls manufacturers face with globalization.