EMC Planning

EMC should always go hand in hand with the general design of the product. From the very beginning, designers should consider which noise sources and susceptible circuits they have in their equipment. This makes it possible to physically separate them and avoid problems right from the start rather than having to fight them later. Next, the cabling should be considered. It is much easier to plan the cable layout first rather than having to modify it at a later stage. Finally, the filtering components should be planned in as well. Filters are not added at the end to get rid of a problem, they are an integral part of the overall EMC design of a product. A filter should be located as close to the noise source as possible. When using drive filters, the filter should be placed close to the drive, or in some mechanical designs even under the drive. Mains filters are placed as close to the power inlet as is feasible. When using filters or reactors, one should always consider the heat dissipation from the filtering component. To avoid overheating, leave sufficient space around the component an ensure air circulation.


Ref: http://pdf.directindustry.com/pdf/schaffner-emc/basics-in-emc-and-power-quality-2009/Show/15134-31073-_45.html

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