Protocol EMC Tour

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Announcement

You are invited to join Protocol EMC’s Director, Rob Stirling, P.Eng. for a tour of Protocol EMC on October 1, 2013. During your informative visit, Rob will clarify EMC and safety best practices and regulatory requirements for North America and the European Union, as well as share his top tips for project planning, product design, and testing wireless products for electromagnetic compatibility.

Protocol EMC provides compliance engineering resources for national and global Electromagnetic

Compatibility and Safety Engineering, including EMC testing and regulatory compliance consulting services for FCC, Industry Canada, and CE Mark Testing, additionally they help with international regulatory issues, as well as provides help with designing for EMC and safety compliance and developing tangible design solutions for manufacturers.

The tour will commence with a general overview of regulatory imperatives for products destined for North America, Europe and the rest of the world.

Topics will include:

  • Facts about Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) that all manufacturers need to know.
  • Summary of EMC requirements in North America for FCC and Industry Canada and a summary of EMC and Safety requirements, including contrasting similarities and key differences between North America, Europe and Austral-Asia.
  • CE Mark: Compliance for all of the European Union under one mark
  • Little-known facts all manufacturers need to know about how real-world Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) impacts product reliably and quality.
  • Highlights of the regulatory landscape, including when and how manufacturers, under the New Approach Directives could legally self-declare while mitigating liability, and when such options are inadvisable, as well when and how federal regulations impact product design in key markets across the globe
  • How product quality can be quantifiably improved through environmental stress testing, burn-in, and accelerated lifetime testing, as illustrated on the electronics apparatus failure mechanism ‘Bathtub Curve’.
  • FAQs about the true usefulness of HALT and HASS, and EMC, EMI, as they pertain to FCC, ICES, CE, RTT&E WEEE, RoHS and CENELEC, including ESD and EFT, and ratified by NCBs and/or TCBs – though never in SACs, all essentially to allow DOCs, not to mention the legalities of UL, CSA and NRTLs, whether they are CB members or not – any questions?


Who should attend?

Production and R&D Engineers, CTOs, QA and Component Engineers, Test Engineers and Technical Managers, EITs and Manufacturing Technologists, Project and Product Managers in the electronics manufacturing field.

What Industries will be highlighted??

ISM, ITE, Medical, Automotive, Marine, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Lighting Products and Appliances.

Time and Location

3:00-5:00 pm Suite 202, 109 Braid St, New Westminster (Our new location and Lab.)

Registration: (Refer to Link)

Credit: 1.0 Professional Development Hour (PDH)
Cost: $10 Includes Pizza and Pop. Limit of 20 people on the tour. Intended for APEGBC members only.