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FCC and Lighting: Part 15 or Part 18?
From time to time, I get questions from lighting manufacturers about why the FCC compliance requirements are so varied, for example, very similar devices can fall under FCC Part 18 or Part 15.

Consider the case of two lighting devices both developed by the same company: One device operates in the 50 kHz range while the second device operates in the 150 kHz range as a class B digital device. In the first case, FCC Part 18 applies and in the second, Part 15.

The key consideration is the operating frequency of RF energy, which can include heat and light.

To determine whether FCC Part 15 or Part 18 applies, you need to consider the output from the power source to the lamp. Most ballasts or RF lights incorporate outputs to drive the light source.

Part 18 of FCC applies to the switching power supply if the device uses RF energy higher than 9kHz. Part 15 applies if the output is AC and less then 9 kHz, or if the output is DC. 

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