What is a Declaration of Conformity?

It is a written declaration containing directive specific information which the manufacturer can enclose in the packaging with each product shipped. The master copy must be available for reference by the relevant authorities for 10 years after the final production date

Where should the CE Mark be placed?

There are strict guidelines regarding the size and placing of the CE Marking. Each Directive specifies where the marking may be placed and whether additional marks are required.

What is the CE Mark?

CE marking informs the authorities that the requirements of the applicable directives have been met. It is not intended to inform the purchaser and makes no statement about quality.

What products must comply to the EMC Directive?

According to a formal advice document from the European Commission the EMC Directive is applicable to ‘electrical and electronic apparatus, as well as to the equipment and installations which contain electrical and/or electronic components’. The term, ‘apparatus’ has been further defined by the commission as being a finished product delivering […]

What is the EMC directive?

The EMC directive, as implemented in national legislation, specify legal requirements and uniform technical regulations throughout Europe to foster trade between European countries. The EMC directive requires products to generate no harmful electromagnetic emissions and be immune to defined electromagnetic disturbances and phenomena.

What is EMC?

Electro Magnetic Compatibility is the ability of an electrical / electronic device or system to function reliably in a typical electromagnetic environment (such as an industrial shop floor or a domestic home) while not affecting that environment. EMC is not measurable as such but it is possible to test equipment […]

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FCC Part 15

Table 1: FCC Part 15 Test Standard Description Notes Conducted Emissions CFR 47 Part 15 Class A and B Limits The Conducted Emissions are measured on the phase and Neutral Power lines in the 0.45 – 30.0 MHz range. Class A is for non-residential use only Radiated Emissions CFR 47 […]

CE Heavy Industrial Immunity

CE Residential /Light Industrial Immunity