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Testing Services

Testing and Certification services to allow these products to multiple markets.

  • Electromagnetic Compatability
  • Electrical Safety
  • Environmental
  • Energetic Efficiency
Here at Protocol-EMC, we offer a wide range of services designed to help electronic product designers and manufacturers achieve their compliance requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible.
From design-level consultation, to pre-compliance testing, to formal testing qualification services, to approvals management, field problem resolution and more, Protocol-EMC is truly a one-stop shop.
While testing services are at the heart of what we do here at Protocol, many of our clients take advantage of the wide range of services that we offer outside of our test laboratories.

Every development project is a bit different, but most can be represented by a few major milestones. We suggest you evaluate your own progress and review the major compliance checkpoints along the way. Protocol-EMC stands ready to help you at every stage, from product conception to first customer shipments.

Reasons for Testing Early

  • When a product fails a regulatory compliance test, you begin to lose control of your development process – and then everything is at risk.
  • Shipping dates begin to slip, projected revenues fall short, and expenses start piling up – not to mention the competitive disadvantage and loss of credibility that ensue. International approvals are mandatory if your product is to achieve success in today’s ultra-competitive global marketplace.
  • Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or a small start-up, the loss of control in just one major project can have huge implications for your success or failure. It is a fact that almost all products developed by design teams without an experienced EMC engineer will fail to comply with the applicable standards when tested.
  • Considering all that is at stake, hiring an experienced professional to guide you around the compliance landmines is a very sound decision for any company.
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